We decided to go down to Mudfest in Okeechobee.  This is not the one that is l-cross Ranch.  This particular event is 3 days and is put on 2 times year.  It was an amazing time.  We enjoyed ALL the big Military trucks and the Mud buggies........Can not wait until Feb,  for the next one.


Getting ready for the trip

Nicole, Sara, Kris, Barb, Allison, Joanne,Vicky and Terri

Vicky and Nicole

Just starting the day off

Terri, Joanne and Kris

Barb and Steve

Robyn, Kris and Joanne

One of the many parts of the mud hole.....60 acres of MUD

Amy, Kris and Robyn

Joanne got a little muddier as the beer went down!

The upcoming next generation of the Dirty Girls property!

RJ, TJ and Colton

Red Robyn, Red Robyn.........

Niki and Kris......This was Niki's first time so we had to break her in slowly.

HELL YEAH!!!! Hey how did we get beads??????

Kris, NIki and Crissy

Tay Tay (the bomb) and Vicky who decided she was several different animals that night.......

SARA never takes a bad picture! BITCH